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We are uniquely qualified to assist you in bringing your divorce to completion. Bryan earned his BA at the University of California, Berkeley, and his PhD at Harvard University, both in English Literature, with specialization is Renaissance literature, theater, and cultural studies. He has been a Professor of Performance Studies in the Department of Drama at the University of California, Irvine, for over twenty years. His research and teaching focus on: how people communicate and perform socially, how to resolve personal and political conflicts (“conflict resolution”), and how people establish their personal, social, and professional identities. He has done fieldwork, taught, and lectured in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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While based in Orange County, Gosia has worked across the world as a life coach for nine years, with focus on personal development, resolving social issues, and achieving healthy and joyful living, professionally and spiritually. Before becoming a life coach, Gosia earned a degree in tourism business administration and worked for many years at hotels and resorts, mostly in Asia and the Mediterranean.

You might have noticed that we are not your typical mediators, in other words, we are not social workers or attorneys. In this respect, we are more “out of the box,” which means that we do not have a set formula for the mediation process. Instead, our approach is adaptive, holistic, and tailored to the specific circumstances of our clients while at the same time we keep all the practical concerns in focus. Crucial to our approach is that we both meet with you in all mediation sessions, unless we mutually agree on a different arrangement. Having two mediators working with you is especially helpful because it allows for checks and balances. Moreover, having mediators of both genders helps to avoid discussions that can feel gender-biased, even when that is not the intention. Working with us together creates more equity and harmony in mediation.