Our Approach

People often ask questions about what the court would order as opposed to what attorneys can accomplish, and they weigh the costs, which is to say, the financial and emotional burden. This can cause unnecessary worry, particularly when the timeline to finalizing the divorce can be unpredictable. To answer these questions, people often turn to friends and the Internet before seeing mediators, attorneys, or the paralegals available to advise people at the courthouse. We believe that seeking information from as many sources as possible can be beneficial. Attorneys often give free consultations and the paralegals at the courthouse are available to anyone. However, the information can be conflicting, uncertain, and sometimes more confusing and anxiety producing than otherwise. This is especially the case with attorneys because they have a personal interest in telling you what you want to hear. 

Most people would like to have an “uncontested” divorce, which is when both parties agree on child custody, spousal support, the division of assets, and everything else. When this is the case, getting divorced is just a matter of writing up a mutually agreed upon settlement (officially referred to as the “judgement”) in a language that will be approved by the court. Although ideal, it is rare that both parties can easily agree on every aspect. 

This is because there are practical financial concerns given that the couple’s current income, which the parties have shared to maintain one household, will now have to support two households. The time it took for two people to work together to take care of the children needs to be restructured, respectively. The parties need to divide fairly the assets, including properties, cars, jewelry, furniture, appliances, photo albums, stocks, retirement accounts, and so on, which the parties acquired, contributed to, and shared during marriage. The process of resolving all of this is often further complicated by feelings of anger, regret, resentment, and fear. 

If you resort to having attorneys fight it out, this could take years to resolve, especially if attorneys hope to win by wearing the other party down financially. We want to help you come to an agreement and finalize your divorce as quickly as the California courts will allow, which is six months and one day from the date of filing. 

We do this by facilitating productive conversation between the parties about each factor while keeping the whole constellation of factors in balance. Beyond bringing both parties to resolution harmoniously – to reduce stress and move forward positively, we want the parties to save time and money so that their resources can be spent on better things than attorney and court fees. We will write the judgement for you. Having us do this, rather than attorneys, will save you much money and time.